I love making stuff. Mostly digital.

I have a computer science background and shifted to product management a while ago. This got me further into entrepreneurship, specifically solopreneurship. My goal is to build a bootsrapped, non VC funded small business.

Oh and did I mention? I ❤️ synthwave.

Currently working on


A conversion optimization business called We help e-commerce businesses make more money with their websites. 100% money back should we not deliver on that promise.

Makai Quest

A platformer for the SEGA Master System. I'm working the pixels on this game alongside some very talented people. If you want to follow along, here's the development thread.

makenext is a job board where makers find contract work. Right now people either don't find partners to work with or simply walk into a makerspace and ask around there.

Where to find me

In coffee shops in Berlin ☕️
Not in Berlin right now? You can also catch me here:

Photo by Holger Feroudj