Philipp Heuberger


I would describe myself as a maker. I really enjoy building stuff, no matter if it's digital 💾 or physical 🛠. The process of going from idea to product - step by step, mistake by mistake - is just fascinating to me.

I have a computer science background and shifted to product management a while ago. This got me further into entrepreneurship, specifically solopreneurship. My goal is to build a bootsrapped, non VC funded small business.

Oh and did I mention? I ❤️ synthwave.

Currently working on

Two things actually.

The first one is a crossover of a bike rack and a luminaire. Right now my bike is leaning against the wall in the kitchen, but I'd like it to sit on the wall in our living room all nicely illuminated. Oh and it also washes light up the wall.

I taught myself Fusion360 and CNC machining to build this thing from wood. Sounds easier than it's done to be honest. It'll be a while until it's really putting my trusted old friend in the right light. 🕰

The second project resulted from me coming onto the maker scene. It's a job board where makers find contract work: Right now people either don't find partners to work with or simply walk into a makerspace and ask around there.

I'm in the planning stages right now. That means talking to people, drafting up wireframes and learning to do web development. I'm going to build it in the open with design documents, code and whatever else I can think of for you to check out here:

If you're interested in the project, hit me up on Twitter. I'd love to chat about it.

Where to find me

In coffee shops in Berlin ☕️
If you're not around though, you can catch me here:

Photo by Holger Feroudj